Kirjoittaja Aihe: The Power of Comics (oppikirja vaan ei opas)  (Luettu 1650 kertaa)

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The Power of Comics (oppikirja vaan ei opas)
« : 05.10.2009 klo 16:52:21 »
Onko kukaan vielä tutustunut tähän tuoreeseen (ilm. 30.9.2009) opukseen joka sanoo olevansa "textbook for undergraduate students". Eli onkos tuo nyt meikäläisittän joku lukion oppikirja vai meneekö yliopiston puolelle? Undergraduate ei mielestäni väänny suoraan suomalaiseen opiskelumeininkiin.

The Power of Comics" is the first textbook to introduce undergraduate students to a broader understanding of the medium and its communication potential. Similar to film appreciation courses of the past, this text is intended for a comic appreciation course offered at most undergraduate courses. It was through the survey or appreciation course that film became established as a legitimate field of study in American higher education. Yet, comics courses seldom take a general appreciation approach because there is no such existing textbook. Courses that do attempt a broad approach to the comics medium have to draw material from so many different books, articles and comics that they are cost prohibitive. This text would fill that obvious gap in the market for instructors interested in a text that presents a more comprehensive view of the medium than anything currently on the market. "The Power of Comics" deals only with comic books and graphic novels. One reason for this focus is that no one text can hope to do justice to both strips and books: there is simply too much to cover. Preference is given to comic books because in their longer form, the graphic novel, they have the greatest potential for depth and complexity of expression.

About the Author
Dr. Randy Duncan is a co-founder of the Comic Arts Conference, the nation's first annual academic conference devoted solely to the study of comics. He also contributed to the St. James Encyclopedia of Popular Culture. Dr. Smith has taught comic-focused courses and has commented on the subject in the media.